Portfolio (Game-Jam Games)

When I first started teaching myself how to make games back in 2014, I joined my first game-jam. Game-jams are online (or physical) creative events where game developers get together to challenge themselves to make a game within a given theme, constraint and/or time limit. These experiments lead to quick, scrappy and unusually creative projects.

Aside from working on my longer-term projects (to be announced), I still love joining the occasional game-jam to bolster my creativity. I started out by making absurd mini-games, and more recently, my interest has shifted towards exploring puzzle game design. You’ll find a selection of my most recent experiments in my portfolio below.

Title: The Square Root of all Evil
Game-jam: LOWREZJAM 2023

Title: The Unhinged
Game-jam: Confounding Calendar 2023

Title: Conn’s Piracy Theory
Game-jam: The Case of the Thinky Game Jam 2023

Game-jam: Epic MegaJam 2023 (modifier winner)

Want to chat about experimental games, or know of any cool game-jams I should join? Let me know!